Linda Robinson

MA AMBDA Post-Graduate Diploma in Literacy and Dyslexia

BA (Hons) in History and Politics, Newcastle University

PGCE in Primary Education, Newcastle University

MA in English Literature, Open University

Post-Graduate Diploma in Literacy and Dyslexia, York University

Assessment Practising Certificate, Dyslexia Guild

I was a Primary School teacher for 20 years, and a SENCO for five of those years. I particularly enjoyed watching children in Reception classes discovering that they could actually understand the words on a page, but I became increasingly aware that this was not happening for every child.

In 2002, I started training with, and working for, the Dyslexia Institute. I taught at the Grimsby outpost of the Dyslexia Institute/ Dyslexia Action until 2014. At the same time, I worked part-time in the Learning Support Department at Franklin College, Grimsby.

Since 2014, I have been working as an assessor for Dyslexia Action, and then for the National Dyslexia Network. I carry out assessments of children, adults and university students in both Hull and Lincoln. I really enjoy my conversations with these assesses; many adults have coped with life experiences, and achieved great success, in a way that leaves me feeling truly humble.

In terms of my home life, I have been married to Frank for 38 years. We have two sons, who work in secondary education and local government respectively. We have two grandchildren.

I enjoy singing, with the Lincoln Singers and the Lindum Consort. I am working at improving my French, and I enjoy ballet/ opera and knitting. I also enjoy going for country walks with Frank.